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Military Response Base Camp Rental

In times of emergency, the military has to be fast and mobile to respond to disasters. Our expert team can get your basecamp set up seamlessly in affected areas.

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Comprehensive Military Tent Rental Services

From delivery and setup to teardown and removal, we’ll handle everything. We just need to know where to put the tents and we’ll take care of it all.

  • Whiteglove delivery
  • Fast setup
  • Detailed walkthrough
  • Quick teardown
  • Tent removal
Military Response
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How Our Tent Rentals Support Military Response

Tents and other rental equipment can be used for a wide range of purposes during an emergency response situation.

Shelter Tent

Temporary Shelters for Humanitarian Aid

In natural disasters or humanitarian crises, deploy tents as temporary shelters for affected civilians, as well as for your own personnel involved in the relief efforts.

Medical Tent

Mobile Field Hospitals

Tents can be quickly set up as field hospitals to provide medical care in conflict zones, disaster areas, or during pandemics. They can be equipped with essential medical equipment and supplies.

Barracks and Accommodations tents


Tents serve as temporary living quarters for soldiers, offering shelter and a place to rest no matter how long they’re deployed. If the military presence is longer term, tents can be set up to accommodate those needs.

Aid Tent

Mobile Command Center

Tents can be utilized as mobile command posts for coordinating military operations. These centers are equipped with communication and other necessary technological equipment.

Storage Tent

Storage Facilities

Tents can provide a quick solution for storing equipment, supplies, and ammunition, especially in remote or temporary operation zones.

Rest Tents

Rest and Recuperation Areas

Tents can be set up for dining facilities, recreational spaces, or areas for troops to relax and recuperate while off-duty.

Workshops and Maintenance tents

Workshops and Maintenance Areas

For on-the-spot vehicle and equipment repairs, tents can serve as temporary workshops or maintenance bays.

Educational Tent

Logistics and Supply Distribution Centers

In large-scale operations, tents can be used as distribution centers for organizing and distributing supplies and rations.

Educational Tent

Mess Hall & Dining Areas

Provide a space for your personnel to sit down and have a meal separate from the rest of the operation.


Our Rental Options

Tents aren’t the only thing you’ll need for a full-scale military response. We offer everything you’ll need to set up a complete military base camp.



If you’re renting tents as accommodations either for civilians or military personnel, then you’ll want bunks for them to sleep on.



The weather can be dangerous if it’s too hot or too cold. Rent HVAC units to keep the temperature comfortable for everyone.

Mobile Kitchen


Rent everything you’ll need to store and prepare food for those affected by or assisting in the aftermath of an emergency situation.



Disaster relief efforts don’t end when the sun goes down. Renting lighting can help to ensure that military response can continue as long as it is needed.

Power Supplies


Generators can provide the necessary electricity to lighting, HVAC units, kitchens, and more so you have the power you need to help.

Mobile Showers


Offering running water so both civilians and military personnel who may be staying in the tents for a while can keep clean is essential.

Sink Station


The ability to wash your hands is a must in a disaster response situation, whether you’re medical personnel or preparing food.

Mobile Toilets


Portable toilets are a must for any military response setup. Everyone from soldiers to medics to civilians will need them for sanitation.

Clearspan, structured tents

How We’re Different

We rent a range of tent sizes and types as well as a variety of equipment so that we can offer whatever you need for a full military response in any situation.

Tent dimensions icon

Any size or shape

Our modular structures allow us to create any design that you need

Fast icon

72 hour turnaround

With our extensive inventory, you can get your setup as soon as you need it

Wall icon

Choose your wall material

Establish the look that you want with either glass or durable PVC walls

Wheelchair icon

Wheelchair accessibility

Create an accessible space with sturdy ramps at all entrances

Tent icon icon

Secure your inventory

For multi-day deployments, simply lock up the doors and know that your inventory is safe inside

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