Medical Emergency Rentals

Medical Emergencies Base Camp Rental

Amid medical emergencies such as the COVID-19 pandemic, there is a heightened need for portable shelters. Our disaster relief tents offer versatile solutions, functioning seamlessly as testing sites, triage setups, and additions for hospitals, expanding their capacity.

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Comprehensive Medical Emergency Tent Rental Services

We handle everything from delivery, setup, teardown, and removal. Just point us in the right direction and we take care of the rest.

  • Premium delivery service
  • Rapid assembly
  • Comprehensive setup guidance
  • Tent disassembly
  • Efficient removal
Medical Response
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How Our Tents Support Medical Emergencies

Tents and other rental equipment can be used for a variety of needs during a medical emergency response situation.

Shelter Tent

Temporary Shelters for Humanitarian Aid

In times of crisis, our large tents serve as crucial temporary shelters, providing a safe and secure haven for displaced individuals and families, ensuring their protection from the elements, and aiding in their immediate needs.

Medical Tent

Mobile Field Hospitals

Our spacious tents can be rapidly transformed into mobile field hospitals. They offer a sterile and controlled environment for emergency medical care and treatment and can be equipped with essential medical equipment and supplies.

Barracks and Accommodations tents

Volunteer space

Designed for flexibility, these tents can be set up to house medical staff, volunteers, and emergency personnel, ensuring they have a place to rest and prepare for their critical roles.

Aid Tent

Mobile Command Center

In the midst of chaos, our tents can serve as an effective mobile command center, providing a centralized location for coordination among emergency response teams. These centers are equipped with communication and other necessary technological equipment, ensuring efficient management of resources and operations.

Storage Tent

Storage Facilities

These tents act as secure storage facilities, safeguarding essential medical supplies, equipment, and medicines, keeping them organized and easily accessible.

Rest Tents

Rest and Recuperation Areas

Our tents can be transformed into rest and recuperation areas for first responders and medical personnel. They can be configured as dining facilities, recreational spaces, or areas for relaxation, providing the essential space needed for them to recharge in demanding situations.

Workshops and Maintenance tents

Workshops and Maintenance Areas

Our large tents are adaptable for setting up workshops and maintenance areas, essential for repairing and maintaining medical equipment and vehicles.

Educational Tent

Logistics and Supply Distribution Centers

In large-scale operations, tents can be used as supply distribution centers, streamlining the flow of resources, and ensuring that aid reaches those in need swiftly and efficiently.


What We Offer

In a medical emergency, tents aren’t the only thing you’ll need. We offer everything you’ll need to set up a complete base camp for your emergency response teams.



If you are looking to use our tents as accommodations, you’ll need bunks for sleeping. Our sturdy and comfortable bunks ensure that medical personnel and patients have a reliable place to rest and recuperate, essential for maintaining health and effectiveness in prolonged emergency medical situations.



We offer reliable HVAC units, crucial for maintaining a controlled environment within our tents, ensuring comfort, and preventing temperature-related health issues, crucial in both extreme heat and cold conditions.

Mobile Kitchens


Our kitchens come fully equipped with all the essentials for food storage and preparation, ensuring that you can sustain the energy and health of first responders and patients effectively during medical emergency operations.



Providing essential visibility and ensuring safety, our lighting solutions guarantee that medical and emergency operations can proceed without hindrance around the clock and in low-light conditions.

Power Supplies


Our generators provide you with all your necessary electricity needs to run your medical equipment, HVAC units, lighting, kitchens, and other essential systems.

Mobile Showers


Offering running water so both emergency medical responders and patients can keep clean, aiding in the prevention of infection spreading.

Sink Stations


The ability to wash your hands is critical in infection control and in maintaining a sanitary environment within emergency medical facilities.

Mobile Toilets


Portable toilets play a crucial role in maintaining sanitation during medical emergency responses, ensuring that first responders, volunteers, and patients alike have access to essential facilities to meet their basic human needs.

Clearspan, structured tents

How We’re Different

With a diverse range of sizes, types, and accessory equipment, our tents are designed to provide you with everything you need in a medical emergency response situation.

Tent dimensions icon

A variety of sizes and shapes

Our modular tent structures allow us to create any design according to your specifications

Fast icon

72 hour turnaround

With our extensive inventory, you can get your setup as soon as you need it

Wall icon

Multiple wall materials

Opt for the material that suits your needs best, whether it’s glass or robust PVC walls

Wheelchair icon

Wheelchair accessibility

Make any tent accessible with sturdy ramps at all entrances

Tent icon icon

Secure your inventory

Confidently lock our tents to ensure the security of crucial medical devices and other essentials during emergencies

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