Global Catastrophic Preparedness, Response, And Recovery

Rapid Base Camp & Disaster Response

Serving Federal, State and Local Governments, NGOs, and Private Organizations.

Get a team on site to plan & manage your disaster relief deployment.

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Humanitarian shelter & barracks

Migrant Shelter, Disaster Emergency Housing

Get 500 emergency rooms to house up to 2,000 people deployed nationwide in 72 hours.

Features: Locking doors, power outlets, lights, cots, lockers

Natural disasters

Flood, Tornado, Hurricane, Wildfires

Get temporary command centers to manage disaster cleanup and care for personnel and victims of natural disasters.

Features: Flood walls, wind resistant mobile command centers, morgue & triage center, mobile showers, comfort stations, mobile restrooms, lighting, animal shelter, emergency staffing

Health services

National Health Crisis, Temporary Field Hospitals, Overflow Emergency Rooms, Triage Centers, Vaccination Site

Provide health services even at remote locations or when your hospital facilities are at capacity.

Features: Containment walls, helicopters delivery to hard to reach places, HEPA scrubber clean air circulation machines


Security and Privacy of VIPs, Dignitary Insulation, Crowd Control, Terrorist Attack Support, War Attack Support

Get protection for the worlds most valuable assets.

Features: Fencing and stanchions, privacy tent structures, metal detectors, jersey barriers






Mobile Command Center





Mobile Toilets


Laundry trailer


Serving Americans Worldwide

24/7 Global Deployment

Get vital equipment delivered to even the hardest-to-reach locations.

Completely hands-free

Installation & Dismantling

From delivery all the way until removal, we’ll handle the entire process. Just let us know where you’d like the tents, and our team will take care of it.

  • Whiteglove delivery
  • Fast setup
  • Detailed walkthrough
  • Comprehensive dismantling and removal

Clearspan, structured tents

How Our Tents Are Different

Tent dimensions icon

Any size or shape

Our modular structures allow us to create any design that you need

Fast icon

Immediate availability

Get your tent as soon as you need it with our vast inventory

Wall icon

Choose your wall material

Establish the look that you want with either glass or durable PVC walls

Wheelchair icon

Wheelchair accessibility

Create an accessible space with sturdy ramps at all entrances

Tent icon icon

Secure your inventory

For multi-day events, simply lock up the doors and know that your inventory is safe inside

When you need us most

Emergency Response

Create a basecamp for decision-makers or a safe, secure area to house victims following an emergency.

Natural disasters

Medical emergencies

Get the job done

Logistics Basecamps

Keep your decision-makers on-site, but out-of-the-way and in a comfortable environment.

Event management

Government response

Construction sites

Barriers around traffic setup

Crowd & traffic

Barricades and crowd control

Mantain a steady flow of traffic and keep guests where they're supposed to be with our comprehensive fencing services. Contact us to view our wide selection of styles and functionality to find the perfect fit for your event style.

Rope and stanchionMetal fenceFenceOrange barrier

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