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Structure Tent Rental & Setup

For the people that make things happen.

Create a comfortable, isolated environment for your team to manage all of your logistics. Be directly on-site and in-the-action, but separated for the focus that it requires to make the right decisions.

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How we're different

Our Tents

Our tents were built to be versatile for any situation. Whether you need a fast, barebones basecamp or a beautiful, customer-facing retail location, we can fill your needs.

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Any size or shape

Our modular structures allow us to create any design that you need

Fast icon

Immediate availability

Get your tent as soon as you need it with our vast inventory

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Choose your wall material

Establish the look that you want with either glass or durable PVC walls

Wheelchair icon

Wheelchair accessibility

Create an accessible space with sturdy ramps at all entrances

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Secure your inventory

For multi-day events, simply lock up the doors and know that your inventory is safe inside

Completely hands-free

Installation & Dismantling

From delivery all the way until removal, we'll handle the entire process. Just let us know where you'd like the tents, and our team will take care of it.

  • Whiteglove delivery
  • Fast setup
  • Detailed walkthrough
  • Comprehensive dismantling and removal

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Use Case #1

Government Response

If a quick deployment is what you’re after, we can help. We’ll get your team set up with the proper amount of space and privacy that they need to get the job done.

Use Case #2

Construction Sites

Create a breakroom for your employees to take a break from the heat or establish a large, comfortable basecamp for your superindentents and managers to build out plans.

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