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Emergency Tent Rental Service

Get fast, reliable tents for any emergency situation. Whether it’s a natural disaster or a medical emergency, our tents provide quick and sturdy shelter exactly when you need it most.

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Comprehensive Rental Services

We handle everything from delivery and setup to teardown and removal. Just let us know where you want the tents, and we’ll handle the rest.

  • Exemplary delivery service
  • Quick assembly
  • In-depth walkthrough
  • Prompt teardown
  • Efficient tent removal
Natural Disaster Tent


Fast, comprehensive tent rental delivery services when you need it most.


Don’t lift a finger – our team will take care of the entire setup process. Just tell us where the tents should go.


When you no longer need the tents, our team will handle all of the teardown and removal.

Serving Americans Worldwide

24/7 Global Deployment

Get vital equipment delivered to even the hardest-to-reach locations.

Fast response

Tent Rental Use Cases

Natural disasters

Our fast tent rental service provides sturdy, reliable tents that are quick to set up, giving you immediate shelter and peace of mind.

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Medical emergencies

Our rapid tent rental service ensures that medical tents are delivered and set up swiftly, so patients can receive the care they need without any delay.

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Government response

Our efficient tent rental service supports government response teams with quick and reliable shelter solutions exactly when they are needed.

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Military base camp

Durable and perfect for military base camps, our tents offer quick deployment and long-term use, ensuring your team has a secure and reliable base wherever they are stationed.

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What Else You Can Rent From Us

Comprehensive responses to natural disasters require more than just tents. We offer all essential elements for establishing a complete base camp.



Bunks are a crucial element in ensuring comfortable sleeping arrangements for your responders and displaced individuals during natural disasters.



Extreme weather conditions can be challenging, especially following a natural disaster. Our HVAC units help regulate the tent environment, ensuring the well-being of its occupants.

Mobile Kitchens


Kitchens play a paramount role in providing on-site meals, ensuring the sustained energy and health of first responders and affected individuals throughout the entirety of your relief efforts.



Disaster relief efforts don’t adhere to daylight hours. Renting our lights ensures you have ample illumination for visibility and safety during the night and in challenging lighting conditions.

Power Supplies


Generators are essential to ensure constant and reliable electricity, enabling the seamless operation of medical equipment, HVAC, lighting, and other critical systems during natural disaster responses.

Mobile Showers


Showers ensure hygiene and well-being for responders and affected individuals during natural disaster responses.

Sink Stations


Whether you’re medical personnel or preparing food, sinks facilitate proper hand hygiene and contribute to overall sanitation efforts in disaster-affected areas.

Mobile Toilets


Renting portable toilets is essential to address the daily needs of all individuals and minimize health risks in disaster-affected areas

Clearspan, structured tents

How We’re Different

We offer a diverse selection of tent sizes, types, and equipment to provide you with everything necessary for a comprehensive response to a natural disaster.

Tent dimensions icon

Name your size and shape

Thanks to our tent’s modular construction, we can create any design that you need

Fast icon

72 hour turnaround

With our extensive inventory, you can get your setup as soon as you need it

Wall icon

Choose your wall material

We offer both glass and PVC walls depending on your need

Wheelchair icon

Wheelchair accessibility

All of our tents can be made wheelchair accessible with the addition of our sturdy ramps

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Secure your inventory

Our fully lockable tents guarantee the security of items stored inside

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